mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

No Floating World Gig this Year

Looks like Floating World is a little cash strapped this year so no DJing for me. While I don't mind driving out a few hours to do a gig -- bringing a lot of equipment, driving 4-5 hours, getting no gas stipend, and not being comped for a place to stay is no longer an option for me :) I have gotten to the point in my DJ career where I feel totally justified in asking to be paid for working an event. A few years ago I probably would have backed down and did it for next to nothing. Dark Odyssey is a little different since I am going anyway and I really want to see an event transform over the years under my music into something amazing. I am already seeing a lot of improvements with more work being put into the other events to keep up.

I was looking forward to doing a large dungeon event where everything was in one big room. I like having control of a big room as opposed to lots of little spaces running iPods. I can take requests and see where the energy of the room is going and tailor the music to it.

More time to setup for Lush!
Tags: djpet

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