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This year the objectification room was turned into an art gallery. I worked with the event owner to put together a set that was creepy ambient to give the room a otherworldly feel. Coil was featured heavily as was the Fashionista's Soundtrack.

Track Artist
The Box Theme Coil
Where Even the Darkness Is Something to See Coil
Empty Javier Calderon
Symbolism Delerium
In Memory of the Truth [#] Coil
Groove Ground Mistress Minx
Solemnity Javier Calderon
Track 10 Black Sun Productions (Plastic Spider Thing/Coil)
Morphology ''1994 Spheres II'' Delerium
Theme From Blue I Coil
Theme From Blue II Coil
Morpheus Delerium
Broccoli Coil
Sacred Ground Mistress Minx
Totmacher (Cleen Remix) Wumpscut