mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Sunday Dungeon Live Set

After rushing over from getting my boots cleaned up by the ever lovely and talented fortryll I spun the following set live. Well there was a coulple of tracks queued up when I got the chance to play with the ever awesome lackofcontext *yay*

Track Artist
Sympathy for the Devil Laibach
Pain & Pleasure Concerto Lords of Acid
Du Hast Rammstein
Blut! Sex! Fire! Hanzel und Gretyl
Du Oder Ich Megaherz
Wo Versteckt Sich Gott (VNV Nation Remix) Witt
Strike to the Body Die Warzau
Slavesex Die Form
Slavery Is Guaranteed Bigod 20
The Machineries of Joy Die Krupps
Dein Meister (Funker Vogt Remi Melotron
City of Darkness Funker Vogt
Hurting You Is Good For Me Aïboforcen
Comatose [Grisha Mix] Front Line Assembly
The 48 Skanks Pitch Black
Born Slippy.NUXX Underworld
Flowers Become Screens [ ] Delerium
Haven Flesh Field
Children of the Night Juno Reactor
The Earl [DJpet Godzilla Mix] Massiv In Mensch
Formless Beasts Synthetic Dream Foundation
O'Dead Armoured Sky Synthetic Dream Foundation
Ich bin ein wahrer Satan (SixSixSix Club Remix by L'Âme Immortelle) ASP
Exile on Mainline [Extended Dance Hall Mix] Chemlab
Engel Rammstein
God Is God Laibach
Closer Nine Inch Nails
You Know What You Are Minstry
Dr. Thodt Wumpscut
wound (vivisected mix) Velvet Acid Christ
Deliver us from Evil Suicide Commando
This Shit Will Fcuk You Up Combichrist
Floorkiller (2004 Version By Xenomorph) Icon Of Coil
We Are The Ones [Rotting Corpse mix by Icon of Coil Seb] Zombie Girl
Spooky God Module
Momentary Absolution Sytem Syn
Get Your Body Beat (Remix By Amduscia) Combichrist
Are You Ready To Die Amduscia
From My Hands Cephalgy
In the Pit CombiChrist
The Bog (Techno Duck Mix) Bigod 20
Tanz Mit Laibach Laibach
We Believe, We Believe :Wumpscut:
Bind Torture Kill (Extended Torture) Suicide Commando
Without Emotions Combichrist
Straight to Video (Velvet Acid Christ Loud & Tripped Up Mix) Mindless Self Indulgence
Murderous Nitzer Ebb
Tags: djpet, lr08, setlist

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