mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Dark Odyssey - Night in Flames mix

Every year at DO Summer Camp my friends Susan B and Barbara C do this event by the pool where they douse you in alcohol and light you on fire! The pool provides a convenient place to cool off :) This year I test played my upcoming Tribal 2 mix to great success.

Track Artist
Children of the Night Juno Reactor
Tikal E.S. Posthumus
O'Dead Armoured Sky Synthetic Dream Foundation
Doublelionrouti ([CCF]) This Morn' Omina
Goetterdaemmerung Rota Temporis
hungrr-ah (dr.blood.meets.dr.demon.mix) Ah Cama-Sotz
Sign From Above (Featuring Ah Cama Sotz) Nebula H
Dirty Dog Fat Bastard
Sister (Tsunami Sister Remix by LOFOFORA & EKOVA) Ekova
Nineveh E.S. Posthumus
Swamp Thing Juno Reactor
The Collapse Flesh Field
In Nomine Domine Heimataerde
lughnassadh | rite II | Ah Cama-Sotz
Among The Angels' Debri Synthetic Dream Foundation
Epoch [ccf] This Morn' Omina
Badimo Juno Reactor
Am Morgen Fruo (Remix by Bruno Kramm) Qntal
Tags: djpet, do-sc08, setlist

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