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Dark Odyssey - Sex-o-Rama event [Roman Bath]

For Leather Retreat I sequenced quite a lot of Roman inspired music that wasn't used since the event org wanted all Enigma. I resurrected this set for the Roman Bath at DO. I really like the set, it pulls in a lot of elements that all kinda point towards Rome. In order to totally nail it I put in movie bits from the Gladiator movie during quite parts.

Track Artist
gregorian masters of chant Celtic Trance Gregorian Chants
Where Are The Young Men (new) Vernian Process
The Procession Of The Ornamented Staff ButtBoy
Principles of Lust (Everlastin Enigma
Age of Loneliness Enigma
Venus melotron
The Circus (Gladiator Mix) Erasure
Sadeness Part I (Extended Trance Mix) Enigma
Riding Centaurs Butt Boy
Psalm 23 (Synchronstimme Robert De Niro) E NOMINE
Calm Before The Storm Vernian Process
The Ritual Dance Of The Satyrs Butt Boy
Biebelworte Des Allmächtigen (Synchronstimme John Travolta) E NOMINE
Push the Limits Enigma
Druid Chant Gregorian Chant
Antissa E.S. Posthumus
Sister Sojourn Ghost (featuring Katharine Blacke and Mediæval Babes) Delerium
Sadeness (Reprise) Enigma

Plus lots of voice clips from Gladiator the movie
Tags: djpet, do-sc08, setlist

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