mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Lots of sewing and not that many pictures...

I have been really busy this year with sewing projects. It seems that this was the year of wedding dresses*! I just finished up the third one and I have one more big gown due in Dec. I have also taken on some misc repair/alteration projects, all the way from a leather jacket to a technical search and rescue backpack. I am waiting on pictures from the last dress. It turned out really great and was gold and red silk. I really like making non-white dresses which is a shock to you I bet.

I have also taken on four custom outfits for the Fashion show as well as a custom sparkle vinyl strap on harness ;)

all that and my crazy DJ schedule; needless to say that I am now booked through the middle of Feb.

* well one was actually an outfit for a female "best man"; it was to match the other vests but take the form of a corset. We made it out of a Sari that was brought back from a trip to India. So far there are no real pictures of it since the Bride didn't like the way _she_ looked and embargoed all of the pictures of the wedding. Maybe if she went to CC she wouldn't have had a problem!
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