mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Pictures from the Terrorfakt Show!

Here is a slide show from my Flicker set of the show at the Bangkok Paradise, Darq Ball October 25.

I didn't have too much time to take pictures since I was at the light and sound boards. The new to me camera is working out pretty good. I picked up a flash to use with it but it was swamping out the lights and look of the place. I need to do something different with the exposure settings since even with the bounce it still makes everything look like daytime :) Considering it was the second time out with it I would say that I captured the event pretty well without a tripod. My hand still shakes a little but that could have been the Red Bull *g*

The show was awesome. I'm really glad that I picked up that compressor or my amp and speakers would have been fried! It was mostly all my own equipment at this show with the exception of Matt's(Vudu:DJ) 200W system that we used to fill in the high end. I was running my 600W Peavy system full out and I was running my 2x 400W powered speakers as monitors. I had my big fog machine, four strobes, the Chauvet VUE-II and American DJ LED-Pearl lights all running from my DMX sound board and synchronized to the music on stage.

The system is going to be brought to VT for Termination (Nov 1) and the FGFC820* show and my second appearance at the decks. Get your fatigues out for Military Industrial night at Termination!

Tags: acuriousproduction

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