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This year's show has generated quite the buzz. The following is the page load stats for the site minus any of the picture pages. This graph shows how many people come to the site and look around, one hit per page.

As you can see this year's show has had more hits than last year at this time and we have yet to do a press release for the picture release.

Looking at the hits on the pictures we can see a huge ramp up of hits which means that we have people chomping at the bit to see the pics of the show!

I expect to blow last year's numbers out of the water this time.

On a related note, we are the number one hit for Google when searching for Fetish Fashion Show and sixth for Fetish Fashion. Not a bad page rank! In order to get us to the top please link back to us with clickable links whenever possible.

Tags: acuriousproduction, fashion
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