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What being in the New Designers' Fetish Fashion Show means for your business growth!

CuriousCouture Web Hits From FFF Exposure
CuriousCouture Web Hits From FFF Exposure

Looking over my web counters I noticed a huge spike in visitors to my sewing site. I only handed out around 300 postcards at the Flea, ordinarily only a small fraction of those get a web hit. Show exposure on the website and being in the program book really does bring people to your site. I have gotten three custom commissions since the show which is way more than normal for this season especially taking into account the economy.

Want this kind of exposure then start planning on entering the 2010 show! Even if you do not have a website or much of a business yet you can still be in the show. In fact that is why we created the show in the first place.

-Jim for
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