mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

New Designers' Fetish Fashion Show Pictures are now online!

The wait is now over! The 2009 show was a huge success and we now have proof :) Pictures are posted at

Over 600 people witnessed the largest and most exciting fetish fashion show in New England. just had it's 100,000 page load over the weekend and we are expecting another banner year of new designer promotions.

Like a picture? Then rate it to move it higher up on the page. Want to know what pictures the show really likes? Then check out the best-in-show gallery.

Wondering where the video is? It is still in post production; we are in the process of finalizing a 2 minute promo edit and we will then move on to the DVD edit. Look for a teaser in a week.

Over the next few months we will be revamping parts of the website and streamlining model applications. Our first update of the year was to sort pictures by ratings and then by name. Now you can see popular pictures at the top of each gallery. You can also look forward to up to date model listings in the near future.
Tags: acuriousproduction; fashion

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