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New England Darksidewalker's Ball

The NEDSWB was back for the 8th year and I was picked to run sound and do the lights in addition to being one of the 4 DJs. This marked my second year with the event (last year I DJed) I didn't get any pictures, I was too busy setting up the lights for the vendors to break out my camera. Hopefully there will be a post soon with links to the pictures that were taken.

While a lot of events are held at bars this one has been at the local American Legion (in Arlington center). It looked like they just redid the dance floor (or it was in amazing shape from before) and like most VFW/AL halls the drinks were both strong and cheap. I could have done without the stairs during load in/out :)

I went with a red lighting theme for the event, mostly static Par cans pointed at all of the vendors around the room. Rosco released a really nice red gel in the last year's new colors. Next time I'm going to bring more light trees so I can do more direct light instead of doing a long throw (most of my Par's have wide dispersal bulbs in them right now) The vendors looked really good under the red light (normally there are CFL sconces above them but I turned off most of them to get things looking darker and spooky :)

PA setup was pretty standard, however this was the first time using my new X stand with my DJ mixer board. It seemed pretty stable and that's good since I often have to rely on flimsy tables to hold up the 100 lbs of equipment/flight case.

DJs Arcanus, LostBoy, and Vudu:DJ (as well as myself) all spun great sets. We started the night off with more Goth classics and ramped up the tempo throughout the night. We got on a lot of requests as well.
Tags: acuriousproduction, djpet

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