mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Looking for a roomate

$675 Queer-Friendly Housing in Davis Square (available April)

One room is open now, the other will be open June first. The heat and water are included in rent! One cat, tons of common space, 1-3/4 baths, a dining room, living room, and big kitchen.

We are looking for a poly/gay/bi/pagan/trans/etc-friendly, non-smoker who likes sharing a house with others. Crafty or geeky a plus. :)Sorry, no kids or dogs (one additional cat or "cage pets" negotiable though). We like to be friendly with our roommates and like occasional shared meals (omnivorous), movie nights, and hanging out, but you don't have to if that's not your thing. :) We also host parties of various sizes.

Please send inquiries to jim AT acuriousproduction DOT com or reply here.

About us:

moonshadow. I am a birth assistant and do energywork part-time. Home frequently. When I'm in, I tend to listen to music, cook, read, have sex, and play on the computer. Occasionally I have overnight guests.

mrpet. Software engineer, not too geeky but have been known to fix people's computers :) Spends a fair amount of time around the house doing various creative type stuff, including: cooking, sewing, pattern drafting and some website design.

nessur Web engineer for a major video game company that produces popular music games. Eats well, doesn't drink or smoke, and studies Tibetan meditation and defense arts. Always on the go except when it's time to stop.

Note: Russen is moving out June first.

Pretzel. A playful goofball of a cat - fixed, adult, and indoor-only.

Two cats is the landlord's limit for the apartment,so if you have one cat and they get along with him, that is a possibility. On the other hand, if you are not a cat person, he doesn't ever need to be allowed in your room.

The house is clothing-optional for residents (clothes are on most of the time but sometimes it does get hot in the Summer :) and their partners (but we'll happily put our clothes on when your parents/new sweetie/coworkers are coming over ;). mrpet and moonshadow are also partnered long-term.

What we're looking for in a housemate:

A friendly person, poly/gay/bi/pagan/trans/etc-friendly, non-smoker with no dogs or cats ("cage pets" negotiable) who likes to share a house with others, doesn't mind cleaning up after themselves (but doesn't mind some clutter either :).

Crafty and/or geeky a plus. Sorry, no kids or couples.

The House:

The apartment is on Orchard Street--5 minute walk to Davis Square Station (Red Line), 7 minute walk to Porter Square Station (also Red Line) Being so close to Davis and Porter we're just a few minutes from lots of restaurants, convenience stores, groceries, etc. etc. (it's Davis :).

We're also 30 seconds from Mass ave, which is the 77 bus, and Davis has lots of buses. Super public-transit accessible if you haven't been here before.

The apartment is the second and third floor of a two-family house. Amenities include a nice-sized kitchen with great counter space, living room, dining room, and additional common space areas (the common space acreage is very nice :), 1 & 3/4 baths, basement, partly-full garage (good for small storage), second floor enclosed porch (where the kitty litter resides), and washer & drier in laundry section in the basement (large basement). Plushy carpet in all rooms except for kitchen and 70s wallpaper in most of the common space (it's pretty muted). Usable driveway (i.e. you can park without blocking people in :) and plenty of on-street parking. Resident parking permits are one dollar (yeah, just $1) and temporary permits for friends are easy to get (including multiple permits, useful for move-ins, social gatherings, etc.)--a nice feature of Somerville.

The common areas are well furnished by the current housemates, but room can be made for new housemate stuff as well. A few notable common-area items are: lots of kitchen gear, gas stove, new dishwasher, new fridge, washer & dryer (free laundry), TV/VCR, new DVD player, and a DVR box (like TIVO).

One room is a good-sized one on the third floor with three windows and a huge walk-in closet that has a built in dresser. The walls are currently blue, and you can paint them any color but black (landlord's request) if you want to. Ceilings are slanted. This room is open now.

The second room has wood floors and a working kitchenette with stove, fridge, and sink. It has its own closet and wood panelling which you are welcome to paint if you wish. This room will be open June first.

The rent for the rooms (each) are $675 per month (total rent for the apartment
is $2600 that is split 4 ways, $675 for each for the three big bedrooms and $575 for the little one (already occupied)). ig plus:heating and hot water costs are included in the rent.

The only utilities we need to pay are electricity and phone/internet and they usually run around $70 per month. Cable internet is provided by Comcast. All of the bedrooms have wireless internet access as well as CAT5 cable access (i.e. normal internet cable) and the internet service is both high-speed and reliable. As mentioned, there is also a free washer & dryer in the basement.

There is a 1 year lease cycle. The landlords are a couple living in Boston and seem pretty nice, and are responsive. Fortunately, we've never needed to have too much contact with them though. ☺

Getting in touch:

If you're interested or have any questions send us an email at jim AT acuriousproduction DOT com :) We're also on good terms with our previous housemates and are happy to furnish references on request.

Please feel free to repost this ad or share it with anyone you think might be interested as well.

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