mrpet (mrpet) wrote,


Dear friends,

Suzuki is not doing well. She has been in critical care at Angell (for those that don't live in the area, it is absolutely the best local animal hospital) for the past 24 hours and her condition has continued to deteriorate. We have made the decision to put her to sleep - we don't want her to suffer.

What is a comfort is knowing that she had some wonderful years with us. When she first came to us, we called her the ghost cat - she was afraid of everything - but with love she blossomed into a true princess. She got to experience life as the boss of the household, and everyone that met her loved her like crazy. She has been a really happy, pampered, and beloved cat, and she even got to be plump. We will never forget her.

We hope that you will continue to keep us in your hearts and minds while we make this transition.
Tags: cats

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