mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

how does this look for an event card?

I'm starting concept phase on a card for a cancer fundraiser whose inspiration is a violinist in a metal band that recently kicked cancer.

Click for a bigger version

I'm really liking where it's going. I know that I need to work on fonts, especially the Hope Eternal one. The flaming treble clef is a little busy, I like something there flaming I just need to find the right image to put there.

I need to get the lineup as well as additional ad copy and I can make the back of it.

I seem to be doing a lot of cancer charity gigs this year, you all should come out to Darq this Saturday in Salem for the North Shore Medical Center Cancer fundraiser. We have a whole lot of amazing local DJ talent and I'm bringing out a lot of my gear to make it all sound amazing. Everything we bring in for the night is getting donated.
Tags: acuriousproduction

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