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LR - Hard-n-Gritty 5 hour mega mix setlist

In order to get some more play in and not as much booth time I recorded a live 5 hour set to bring with. This one was played at both the main playspace as well as the barn. I can't remember which night it was ;)

Track Artist
Sick Fuck (Tamtrum Mix) Unter Null
Sexus Die Warzau
Never Ending Lie Supreme Court Featuring Feindflug
Are You Ready To Die Amduscia
the hand (gut check remix by diease factory) Velvet Acid Christ
Strike to the Body Die Warzau
The Bog (Dance Mix) Bigod 20
Uterus Das Ich
Kahle Bedrohung Feindflug
Execution Of Your Mind (By Modulate) Reaper
The Bible, The Bottle, The Bomb (Modulate Mix) Caustic
Skullfuck (ESA Mix) Modulate
Satan is Real Electronic Substance Abuse
Who's Your Dadddy, Snakegirl Combichrist
Regret (Combichrist Remix) Icon Of Coil
The Bells (Interface Mix) I:Scintilla
Nobody's Hero (vengeance version) Interface
Gunman (Terrorfakt remix) Funker Vogt
Your Nightmare (Grendel Mix) Unter Null
Menschenfresser (Grendel Remix) Suicide Commando
New Flesh Grendel
My Definition... (Soman Remix) Tom Wax
F You Bitch (Soman Remix) Suicide Commando
Angst (Soman Remix) Reaper
Sent To Destroy (Reworked By Rotersand) Combichrist
Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (Reclubbed) Rotersand
Omniman Download
Wreath of Barbs (Terrorfakt remix) Wumpscut
Mescalinium United Mescalinium
Pull The Pin Caustic
F K That S t CombiChrist
Sex & Suicide (This is What You Need Mix - Manufactura vs. Combichrist) Manufactura, Combichrist
Orgasm Noisuf X
Deal In Sex (Protection Mix) Lights Of Euphoria
Dirty (Urkom Remix) Grendel
F You Bitch (Combichrist Remix) Suicide Commando
Cold (MIG29 mix) VNV Nation
Electronic Battle Weapon Modulate
Tikal E.S. Posthumus
O'Dead Armoured Sky Synthetic Dream Foundation
The Immutable Sphere (ccf) This Morn' Omina
We Are The Renegades Of Noize (Haujobb v This Morn Omina) Haujobb
the corridors of the unseen (QuickMovingOrientalMix) Ah Cama-Sotz
Unter der Linden (Club Mix) Heimataerde
Don't Go (Blondi Edit) Wumpscut
Consumer Icon of Coil
These Humps Will Mash You Up (Mash up by DJ VLRK) Combichrist vs Black Eyed Peas
We are the New Blood [Explicit] Retractor
Your Nightmare (Grendel Mix) Unter Null
Eternity's Poisoned Drapes Synthetic Dream Foundation
Havestar (Combichrist Mix) I:Scintilla
Hurting You Is Good for Me (Aiboforcen) [Explicit] Ayria
Dive Evulva
Gonna Getcha (freak edit) Zombie Girl
This Is The New Shit (Invective Orbiter Dictum Mix) Marilyn Manson
How To Make A Monster (Kitty's Purrrrformance Mix) Rob Zombie
Dr. Thodt Wumpscut
Hell Symmetry Laibach
Wo Versteckt Sich Gott (VNV Nation Remix) Witt
A Ride with Satan's Little Helpers Lords of Acid
Bind Torture Kill (Extended Torture) Suicide Commando
The Dead (Death Wish Mix) Velvet Acid Christ
Eine Dunkle Spharische Widerstand Synthetic Dream Foundation
Menouthis E.S. Posthumus
O Fortuna Orff
Am Morgen Fruo (Remix by Bruno Kramm) Qntal
Krabat (Rabenschwarz Remix by Fil Qntal) ASP
Rock Me Amadeus (Radio Edit) Megaherz
Tanz Mit Laibach Laibach
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