mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

LR - Sun - Human Drumming Class setlist

Here is the setlist for the mix I did for Sunday's human drumming class. It's going to become my next tribal mix up on

Track Artist
Tribal 3 Laylia
Beyond Gravity Seed
Reason Brando Mennella
Baby D.Lewis & Emix
Froggyz Congaz Steve Lawler / Romatt
Infrared Fat Bastard
Taninim This Morn' Omina
Menouthis E.S. Posthumus
Skeleton Crew Medicine Drum
ahriman Ah Cama Sotz
Drummer's Reel Dhol Foundation
Naasseni ([CCF]) This Morn' Omina
The Back Door Jerome Sydenham
Peter G TDL&Stefano Capasso
Source of Aahhh (Edit) Amani Vs. Teapot
Tags: djpet, lr09, setlist

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