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WinterSolstice2010 NYE Gala Party setlist

I'm still down in NJ DJing a 4 day event. Here is the Thursday night tracks that I spun for the main playspace area. We had around 6000-7000 sqft and I brought down all of my stuff in a trailer so that I could really deck the place out.

The Vile Angels On Acid
(We Make) Music To Piss You Off C/A/T
Battle Of Disarm Proyecto Alienoxir
World's On Fire The Prodigy
Combichrist is not your whore [djpet megamix mashup] Djpet presents Combichrist vs. LMFAO vs. Benny Benassi
Ich bin ein wahrer Satan (SixSixSix Club Remix by L'Ame Immortelle) ASP
Electric Molecular Chemlab
Kein Mitleid Eisbrecher
Sehnsucht Rammstein
Tikal E.S. Posthumus
Vater Unser E Nomine
O Fortuna Riccardo Muti: Philharmonia Orchestra, Philharmonia Chorus
O Fortuna (Apocalypse Chorus Mix) Apotheosis
Jump (Mutha Mix) The Movement
Bind Torture Kill (Extended Torture) Suicide Commando
Straftanz (Bender and Saga Remix) Straftanz
Acid Bomb Caustic
Urnensand Reaper
Ich Glaube Nachtmar
Vagina Mine _Deflowering Mix_ Puscifer
Mitternacht E Nomine
Adrenaline (Hard Remix) Rosetta Stone
Subconscious Overdrive Ground To Dust
Coma Aalient Implant
Voodoo People The Prodigy
Human_Nature Sonik Foundry
Death Wish [Remix] Christian Death
Twilight World (Icon of Coil Mix) Aiboforcen
Kiss The Whip [Rmx By S.I.N.A.] Asche
Stunden (7 days a week mix) Sam
It's Not Human Mindbender
It Began In Afrika The Chemical Brothers
The obligatory Full Metal Jacket Quote Song FetiAnt
Hard And Dirty Modulate
Dirty (Urkom Remix) Grendel
Cold (MIG29 mix) VNV Nation
We Come 1 Faithless
Women Beat Their Men (Cevin's Peak Hour Dub) Sub Mission
Deep Tribal Mix Deep Forest
Menouthis E.S. Posthumus
Dogma K.M.F.D.M.
Come_On_Up_and_Try_My_New_Trekka [DJpet_Mashup] DJpet presents....Repo! the Genetic Opera vs. Puscifer
dance_dance_anatomy [djpet mashup] Djpet presents MSI vs Repo!
Tanz Mit Light Beer [djpet mashup] Djpet presents Faderhead vs. Laibach vs. Eisbrecher
Eisenherz (X Tended Version) Joachim Witt
Uterus Das Ich
Domination Vs. Bound (Mindless Faith) Seabound
Tinnitus (remixed by Heimaterde) Noisuf X
Ruler Soman
Nightmare (Sinister String Mix Brainbug
Come (And Get It) Paul van Dyk
Lost Tribe Gamemaster Paul Oakenfold
Lust Balligomingo
New Years Day (U2 Cover Featuring Delerium) Front Line Assembly
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