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Book and CD Swap 3/7/2010

moonshadow and I, with generous help from findingthegirl, are hosting a book and CD swap in Somerville, from 1 to 4 PM, on Sunday March 7th.
(That's one month from today, so you have a little time to get organized.)

It is open to the public, not only to people we know. There is no cost to enter, we only ask that you bring at least one bag of books, CDs, or books AND CDs. You can take away as many as you like and there are always plenty to go around! Leftovers will be donated to charity.

We will provide tea. Please don't bring food - we don't want any to get on the books!

Q: Who can come?
A: Anybody. All of you, and anyone you want to bring. Yes, you can bring friends and sweeties (please, bring at least one bag of media per person). Random strangers off the street are also fine, as long as they consent and have a few items on their person, heh heh!

Q: Anything you don't want?
A: Yes. Please do not bring encyclopedias, computer manuals, magazines, Reader's Digest Versions, or anything that lacks structural integrity (in other words, the binding must be intact). Other books are fine, including hardcover, paperback, fiction and
non, children's and YA books, adult books, books in English, and books
in other languages.
Please do not bring CDs that don't play, anything you burned yourself (unless it's your original material!), anything without a label or something else that says what it is, cassettes, or VHS tapes. Do bring books on CD, music, poetry, language lessons... if you want to listen to anything before you take it home, a portable CD player or laptop with headphones will probably help.

Q: I have a whole room full of this stuff... is that cool?
A: Due to charity transportation concerns, please do not bring more than will fit in the trunk of a normal-sized car. Choose the best! We can give you suggestions of where to donate the rest, if desired.

Q: How about kids?
A: Sure, but our house isn't even a little bit childproof and you will need to be eyes-on responsible for your kid at all times.

Q: Can I drop my goodies off beforehand?
A: That is totally encouraged, as it will help us to sort books in advance. You can set up a specific time with me or put them on our porch - it's roofed. Given the time of year, a plastic bag wrapper would be helpful.

Q: Do you need any help?
A: So glad you asked! We'll need folks to help us sort books and set up, folks to keep things running smoothly during the event, and at least two people to do charity dropoffs afterwards. Drop us a line if you can give us a hand!

Q: What will happen to the leftover stuff?
A: We will donate them to charity, probably the Prison Book Project and Zumix.

Q: Where can I park?
A: We live on a street with resident-only parking. However, on Sundays anyone can park there, so there should be plenty of parking opps.

Q: Are you public transportation accessible?
A: Oh so very. We are close to the Red Line, the 77, the 83, the 96, and other buses. If you don't know how to get to our space, please leave a comment.

Q: What are your space constraints?
A: We have two cats (who may be contained or free-roaming depending on the number of people) and three flights of stairs.

Q: I have a friend I think would be interested!
A: You can forward them this message, but please don't send it to any lists. Feel free to publicize as widely as you like.

Anyone can leave a comment here with questions, or send email to username@lj. Hope to see lots of you then!
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