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DO Winterfire: Sat night main space music 2/27/10

After the concert and dinner we needed to change the space over so the conversion team requested metal and classic rock :) I was in the booth for another 4.5 hours and this time we cranked it up to get some dancing going. There were quite a few people spinning LED poi.

Track Artist
Fat Bottomed Girls Queen
Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd
You Shook Me All Night Long (Live Version) AC/DC
The Muppet Show (Mah Na Mah Na) TV
Nemesis Shriekback
This corrosion The Sisters Of Mercy
Hurricane 2000 (Rock You Like a Hurricane) The Scorpions/Berliner Philharmoniker/Christian Kolonovits
Love Bites Judas Priest
Run Like Hell Pink Floyd
Judas Be My Guide Iron Maiden
Pussy Liquor Rob Zombie
Perdition Wumpscut
Christian Woman Type O Negative
Symphony Of Destruction Megadeth
Queen B Puscifer
When You're Evil Voltaire
Jesus Christ Superstar Laibach
Mitternacht E Nomine
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Eurythmics
Personal Jesus Marilyn Manson
Christfuck Wumpscut
Head Like A Hole Nine Inch Nails
Flashback Ministry
Under Deck Funker Vogt
Get Your Body Beat (Remix By KMFDM) Combichrist
Skullfuck (Combichrist Mix) Modulate
These Humps Will Mash You Up (Mash up by DJ VLRK) Combichrist vs Black Eyed Peas
Shallow Nation (2004 Version Remix By Xenomorph) Icon Of Coil
Zombie (Original mix) Louis Proud
Requiem for a hit Abe Duque remix Miss Kittin
Sleep (Angel Alanis & Smitty Mix) Conjure One
Oh Yeah Yello
Renegade Master Wild Child
Dirty Dog Fat Bastard
Afrodub (Space Mix) Maurizio Baiocchi
Gush Trentemoller
What Else Is There (Trentemoller Remix) Royksopp
The Back Door Jerome Sydenham
F k You! (EmSlice vs. Denga Remix) Supakorn
Electricite Keeko & Celine
Fucking You Makes Me Bilingual Jose Nunez
River [Robert Babicz Remix] Phonique
Funkelectricsoultrain (Novy meets Adrian Bahil remix) Rockabilly
Prince Of E-Ville (Caustic Remix) Combichrist
Lady Business (Caustic Mix) Caustic
Enhancer (Triple D Cl0b Mix By Caustic) C/A/T
I Wanna Be Your Dog Joan Jett
Set Yourself On Fire Charlotte Gainsbourg
Buzz Chamber Sam
Orgasm Noisuf X
Die Motherfucker Die (Die Twice Remix By Noisuf-X) Suicide Commando
Acquire The Fire Faderhead
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode
Spitfire (05 Version) The Prodigy
Blut! Sex! Fire! Hanzel und Gretyl
Born In Sin (DJ Psycon Mix) Virgins O.R Pigeons
Sick Fuck (Tamtrum Mix) Unter Null
Wreath of Barbs (Terrorfakt remix) Wumpscut
Kathy's Song (Beborn Beton Remix) Apoptygma Berzerk
Genesis (Icon of Coil Version) Vnv Nation
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