mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

DO Winterfire: music in the other spaces

I didn't get time to do anything new for the other spaces. I mostly reran mixes from other DO and LR events and even a few of my radio shows. The three shows that were playing were: "1st class ticket to hell" "Anathema and Apostasy" "Tales of Sex and Violence" They are often on rerun at the station so check in and see when they are scheduled. Other spaces were on the "Lounge" mix and "Orgy" mixes from LR as well as the "Pounding Sex Mix" and "Evil Fxxking Mix" from DOSC09

Thats it for the sets from DOWF10. I won't be at LR10 this year due to prior commitments but I will be back for DOSC10 and hopefully the Floating World.
Tags: djpet, dowf10, setlist

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