mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Ego Likeness, Angelspit, and ME

Come on out to Darq on Sat night (doors @ 9:30) and be prepared for one hell of a show. The Retrofuture Gala is one part past and one part future. Watch as Steampunk collides with scorpion bowls, amaze your friends by wearing brown! DJpet hauls out his sound system + lights and also spins between the sets...

$13 in advance ( and $15 @ the door
21+ doors 9:30pm

Bangkok Paradise
90 Washington St.
Salem MA

If you can't make Salem then check out the same show the night before in Portland. I'm also running sound and lights there as well but Salem is a lot closer than Portland :)

hrm, can't seem to find the updated one with Angelspit but never fear they are coming!

Tags: acuriousproduction, djpet

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