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ORDNANCE - 4/10/10

I just wanted to let you all know of a really great new event that I am drumming in as well as running my lights and drum controlled LASER! It's in a private underground space close to public transportation and there is parking. Since it's private we can go until at least 4am! It's going to be monthly and next month we move to Friday night.

Facebook -
Event page -


RSVP to "ordnance23 at gmail dot com" to get details, directions and entry.
No RSVP to that address = no entry _RSVP by Thursday to get directions_

Ordnance is a new multimedia club night featuring collaboration of live drummers, djs and video artists covering hard eclectic and danceable music including rhythmic noise, breakcore, industrial, dubstep, speedcore, jungle, i.d.m. and the e.b.m. that you rarely if ever hear in any other industrial clubs in Massachusetts.

Last September Ordnance was tested for the first time in Somerville along side live performances by top notch acts Mono No Aware, Xanopticon, Edgey, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Synnack. Although the launch was in a beautiful venue there were many pragmatic reasons why it was deemed to not be an appropriate space for what we want for Ordnance, so the search for a venue continued ... until now.

On top of the resident DJs, drummers and video artists, ORDNANCE will have live guests and guest DJs at each event.

Performers at the launch of ORDNANCE include

[New York, Force Of Nature, a TERRORFAKT related project]


[Burlington, Vermont's first industrial band reunited]

As this is a private party we will be going strong as late as we like.
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