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Darq Gathering presale tix end tonight at 4:30pm

Wrist bands go on sale starting at 11:30am on Friday at the Fools Mansion for $20 so hurry up if you want $5 off today! Presale tix are at (as well as some nifty flyers) and get you access to:

Friday night @ Darq DJs Arcrunner and Vudu:DJ with me on lights
Sat night @ Darq DJ Annabel Evil spins between the sets of Sonik Foundry and Doomsday Virus (LIVE) with me on lights and in the sound booth

Discounts at the following Salem stores/restaurants:
* Witch Museum
* House of Seven gables
* Crow Haven Corner
* Fool's Mansion
* Remember Salem Gifts and Night Tour
* Pamplemousse
* Bewitched in Salem
* Trolley Depot
* Broom Closet
* Aroma Sanctum
* The Lobster Shanty
* roost Urban Country
* Treasures over Time
* The Army Barracks
* Laura Lanes Skin Care
* Harrison's Comics & Collectibles
* Rouge Cosmetics
* Count Orlock's Nightmare Gallery
* Living With Pets
* The Picklepot
* The Oracle Chamber
* Salemdipity
* Peace Through Violence Apparel/Accessories
* Spellbound Museum and Tours
* Purple Scorpion Piercing
* Front Street Coffee

So come out to Salem over the weekend and enjoy the weather and see some great bands and hear some great music and spend spend spend!

The Fools Mansion is located at 127 Essex St Salem MA
The Bangkok Paradise is located at 90 Washington St. and music starts at 9:30 both nights

-Jim "DJpet"
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