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Sets from Champions in Everett May 15

This was an interesting night manning the sound boards. We had 4 speed/thrash metal bands with one of them doing their first gig out *groan* I'm getting much better at quick mic'ing the drums and getting the stage cleared and reset again. While I have been accused of playing too much "Techno" what ever the hell that means, this is the first time someone did it what I was playing 200 BPM+ Gabber.

We totally need someone in front of the boards kicking people back onto the floor since everyone wanted to flail around and mosh. Led to the Grave was the big standout. They kicked serious ass and blew everyone else out of the water.

The bands in the order of playing:

And Utero Dominae
Led To The Grave
Death Amphetamine

Track Artist
Scarred Combichrist
Du Oder Ich Megaherz
Engel Rammstein
Nachtmahr Nachtmahr
Hollowed (Indigent Mix By Die Warzau) I:Scintilla
Pull The Pin Caustic
Disko Fire Scheiss Messiah Hanzel und Gretyl
Buck Dich Rammstein
Electric Head Pt. 1 (Satan In High Heels Mix) White Zombie
Gabber Up Your Ass Rob Gee
Cunt Face Bloody Fist
Superbeast Rob Zombie
Turbo Lover Judas Priest
Outlaw Man o War
The Fugitive Iron Maiden
N.W.O. Ministry
Fikk Dich Mit Fire Hanzel und Gretyl
Keep On Rotting In The Free World Carcass
Whose Fist Is This Anyway Prong
Albatross Corrosion of Conformity
A Little Time Helloween
Ride Cathedral
Roots Bloody Roots Sepultura
Twist The Knife (Slowly) Napalm Death
Pleiadian Agenda Hanzel und Gretyl
Du riechst so gut Rammstein
Wo Versteckt Sich Gott (VNV Nation Remix) Witt
Electric Molecular [Black Metal Box Malignat Mix] Chemlab
Superbeast (Porno Holocaust Mix) Rob Zombie
You've Got Another Thing Comin' Judas Priest
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live Version) AC/DC
Iron Man Black Sabbath
You Really Got Me Van Halen
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