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Setlist for Resurrection - july 1

It was a really great night spinning again up in ManchVegas with DJ Rabid Angel. It was music for modern primitives so my set was heavy on the drumming. I mixed it up with some mashups and some random stuff I wanted te hear :)

Track Artist

Set 1 – Djpet

Cybelle [Just the Dark Bits Edit] Pentaphobe
Sex and Mutilation Android Lust
Scratch Tail Beats Antique
Skeleton Crew Medicine Drum
Hot Acid Rhythm 1 The Chemical Brothers
Moan (Trentemoller Remix Radio Edit) Trentemoller
Am Morgen Fruo (Remix by Bruno Kramm) Qntal
E Nomine E Nomine
Annie's Midnight Terror [DJpet Mashup] Eurythmics vs. E Nomine vs. Brainbug

Set 2 – Djpet

Nitrogen (Part 2) Juno Reactor
Shallow Nation (2004 Version Remix By Xenomorph) Icon Of Coil
Christfuck Wumpscut
Kick to Kill Test Department
If There Is No Tomorrow (Die Braut Remix) Wynardtage
Die Motherfucker Die (Die Twice Remix By Noisuf-X) Suicide Commando
F__k U Bitch Miss Construction
Ahriman Ah Cama Sotz
Tenet(s) Of On ([CCF]) This Morn' Omina
Saltarello (Saltarello - MM) Corvus Corax
Labyrinth (English Version) Oomph!
Dance Dance Anatomy [djpet Mashup] Djpet presents MSI vs Repo!
People Are Still Having Hate Sex Around The World [djpet Mashup] DJpet presents... La Tour vs Daft Punk vs Rammstein

Set 3 – Djpet

Conga Fury Juno Reactor
Cock Blockin' Beats Caustic
Rippin Kittin Golden Boy
Falling Up egypt mix collide
Caterpillar Beats Antique
Two Gods... Are Better Than One Attrition

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