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Sunday Sets at the Floating World

I'm always super happy working with Capt. Gordon and I ended up DJing his ritual on Sunday. I would have normally drummed live for it but I found out about it on Sat so I live DJed it. Since I needed to be sync'ed with the ritual I was able to live edit the drumming tracks on my laptop to get everything at the right increasing tempo and lining up the quiet spots and transitions with the parts of the ritual.

I was starting to get pretty tired and by the end of the night I could barely keep from falling asleep. I was playing any and all requests which explains the Lady Gaga tracks :)

Track Artist

Quiet Time

The Mummers' Dance Loreena McKennitt
Spark (Burikusu RMX) Assemblage 23
Undisclosed Desires Muse
People Like Me With This Gun Mesh
Evil Ladytron
Sweet(Burning Mix) Switchblade Symphony
Sister (Tsunami Sister Remix by LOFOFORA & EKOVA) Ekova
Lothlorien Enya
Santiago Loreena McKennitt
The Human Game (Radio Edit) Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Borque
Blood Like Lemonade Morcheeba
Teenage Sensation Gus Gus
Silence Delerium
Sadeness Part I (Meditation Mix) Enigma
Clockwork Dream (Teach Me How To Fly) Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society
Incantation Delerium
6 Underground Sneaker Pimps
Borino Beats Antique
Inertia creeps Massive Attack
Indigo Children _JLE Dub Mix_ Puscifer
Shrine Beats Antique
On The Corner Wave In Head
Der Ring der Nibelungen E Nomine

Special Set – Drumming Tracks for Ritual

Tribal 3 Laylia
Cybelle [Just the Dark Bits Edit] Pentaphobe
Four Legged Rhythm Susan Balascheck
Shaman's Dance David and Steve Gordon
Crooked River Susan Balascheck
Calling of the Sacred Beat David and Steve Gordon
Fire Dance Susan Balascheck
Mother Speaker Susan Balascheck
Agogo Song Susan Balascheck
Four Legged Rhythm Susan Balascheck
Tribal 3 Laylia
Cybelle [Just the Dark Bits Edit] Pentaphobe

Main Set – Trance-ish Arc

Masters of the Universe Juno Reactor
Endangered Species Deep Forest
Darker [Oakenfold Mix] Braccancio & Aisher
Tribe & Trance [Digweed Mix] Francesco Farfa
Madam Penetration [Digweed Mix] John Digweed
The Fall [Digweed Mix] Way Out West
Spark (Burikusu RMX) – R Assemblage 23
Air [Oakenfold Mix] Albion
Music [Oakenfold Mix] Jamez Presents Tatoine
Flood [Digweed Mix] Shapeshifter
Sputnik (New York FM) [Digweed Mix] Breeder
The Baguio Track [Digweed mix] Luzon
Pearl's Girl – R Underworld

Main Set – Harsh Industrial Arc

F K That S t CombiChrist
Die Motherfucker Die Suicide Commando
The Calling (fuck shit mother fucker mix) Velvet Acid Christ
Exterminate Annihilate Destroy Rotersand
The Bog (Dance Mix) Bigod 20
Soylent green wumpscut
Monster (Album Version) Panzer Ag
Never Wanted To Dance (Combichrist Electrohurtz Remix) – R Mindless Self Indulgence
It's Wicked (Vocal Remix By Combichrist) Scandy
Skullfuck (Combichrist Mix) Modulate
Tanzdiktator [modulate remix] Nachtmahr
Buzz Chamber Sam

Main Set – EBM/Industrial/Whatever Arc

My Device (Cut.Rate.Box Remix) Ayria
Twilight World (Icon Of Coil remix) Aiboforcen
Floorkiller (2004 Version By Xenomorph) Icon Of Coil
Das Oontz Komor Kommando
Sin (Long) – R Nine Inch Nails
Murderous Nitzer Ebb
People Are Still Having Hate Sex Around The World [Djpet Mashup] DJpet presents... La Tour vs Daft Punk vs Rammstein
Without A God (Dioxyde Remix) – R Hocico
The Crablouse In Its Native Environment (Album Mix) Lords of Acid
The Doctor Song Women Of Sodom
Pornostar Miss Construction

Main Set – House/Dance/Whatever Arc

Gag On His Cock You Lemon Stealing Whore! [ Just the beginning ] Thanks to Mighty Mike Saga for finding that awesome Porn clip!
Do I Look Like a Slut Avenue Q
Poker Face – R Lady GaGa
Get It Wet Dirty Sanchez
Da Dik Suk DJ Deeon
River [Robert Babicz Remix] Phonique
Stupid Girl (Tee's Freeze Clubmix) Garbage
Bad Romance (Skrillex Remix) - R Lady Gaga
Don't Go [Tee's Freeze Mix] Yaz
Love Shack [DJ Tonka Remix] The B 52's
The creeps (you're giving me) (vandalism remix) freaks

Main Set – Overplayed but Classic Arc

They're Coming To Take Me Away Neuroticfish
Starsign Apoptygma Berzerk
Chrome VNV Nation
Call The Ships To Port Covenant
Blue Light Fictional
Disappoint [L'ame Immortelle Ment Mix] Assemblage 23
Return (Coming Home) [Assemblage 23 Remix] Cruxshadows

Main Set – The Homestretch Totally Random Arc

Ssdm Uberbyte
Virus Ivardensphere
She Is a Devil and a Whore [Explicit] Reaper
Fucking Invective Noisuf-X
Combichrist Is Not Your Whore [Djpet Megamix] Djpet presents Combichrist vs. LMFAO vs. Benny Benassi
Hellrasier Mashup Thanks to RabidAngel
My Milkshake will Fuck You Up! Thanks to RabidAngel
Cowgirl – R Underworld
Chains Of Love (Extended Remix) Erasure
Enjoy The Silence [Reinterpreted] Depeche Mode
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