mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Setlist from Sweet Zombie Jesus Day Resurrection

Ah Easter time at the Goth Club! I was spinning with Reverend 19 and a fine undead religious time was had by all. Here is what I spun:

Track Artist

DJ Pet's First Set

Leatherbound lil'jesus Cyan inc.
wound (legay of the revolution mix by revolution state) Velvet Acid Christ
One Nation Under God Suicide Commando
We Never Learn (Mega Rough Mix) Caustic
Jesus Christ Superstar Laibach
God Is God Juno Reactor
E Nomine E Nomine
Jesus Loves You V2A
Zombienation (v.2k5) [GRENDEL]
Nemesis (divine command version) VNV Nation
Jesus Was A Zombie Zombie Girl
Stigmata Of Jesus [:Sitd:]
Rape Your God V.2 XMH
Wolfen (Das Tier In Mir) E Nomine

DJ Pet's Second Set

Vanilla Ice v. Skinny Puppy ProTest Aggro1
Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare Mix) Rob Zombie
Deus Ex Machina Nachtmar
DEVIL unknown
Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix) Skrillex
A Ride with Satan's Little Helpers Lords of Acid
Christfuck Wumpscut
This Is The New Shit (Invective Orbiter Dictum Mix) Marilyn Manson
Godlike Doglike KMFDM
Christus Commando Combichrist Feat. Klaus Lowswitch
She Is a Devil and a Whore [r] Reaper
Feuer Frei! [reaper remix] Nachtmahr
Das Oontz [r] Komor Kommando
White Knuckle Head Fuck (feat. Faderhead) Caustic
One Eyed Man This Morn' Omina
Antichrist The Retrosic
The Devils in the Chemicals Ego Likeness
My Revenge On The World Ayria
The Easter Song Paul & Storm
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