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Setlists from Resurrection 7-21-11

Another awesome night! DJ Sillah's bday saw some really intense dance floor action even with all of the heat and humidity :P

Track Artist

DJ Pet Set One

Intergalactic Existence Mandala Echos
screwMe ohGr
f@5h10n v1k+um5 Cyanotic
Without A God (Dioxyde Remix) Hocico
Acres Of Broken Glass Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory
Butterfly [r] Tapping The Vein
Sweet(Burning Mix) Switchblade Symphony
The Model Kraftwerk
We Want Revolution Covenant
Forever (Original Club Mix) Bruderschaft
Warmongers (DJ Edit) [r] Frozen Plasma
Soilbleed (v.3) [GRENDEL]
World Of Shit (Soman Rmx) Sam
Sent To Destroy (Northborne Remix) Combichrist

DJ Pet Set Two

Never Wanted To Dance [Combichrist, Electro Hurtz Mix] Mindless Self Indulgence
Dance Dance Anatomy Djpet presents MSI vs Repo!
Christfuck Wumpscut
This Is The New Shit Marilyn Manson
Dragula [Hot Rod Herman Remix] Rob Zombie
Derezzed (Remixed By The Glitch Mob) Daft Punk
Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Noisa Remix) Skrillex
Happy Fcuking Birthday [r] Combichrist
Satisfaction In Da Club Benny Benassi
The Beautiful People v. The Loops Of Fury _Flick A Switch_ Marilyn Manson
Jesus Built My Hotrod [r] Ministry
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record...) (Sugar Pumpers Radio Mix) Dead or Alive
Apple Bottom Hellraiser [MaDbAsTaRd Mashup] Suicide Commando vs. T-Pain
Vater Unser E Nomine
Juke Joint Jezebel KMFDM
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