mrpet (mrpet) wrote,

Setlist from Resurrection NH - Oct 20

I got the first set and then handed off the decks to the boys of LOWE just in from Sweeden!

Track Artist
Living Dead Girl ('Naked Exorcism' Mix) Rob Zombie
Love Breeds Suicide [r] Suicide Commando
Rituals (God Mod Clubbed To Death Mix) God Module
Caustic Disco Velvet Acid Christ
Fuckmachine Combichrist
We Believe, We Believe :Wumpscut:
Timekiller (And One Remix) Project Pitchfork
Now Or Never (Distances Remix) NamNamBulu
Blue Light Fictional
Destillat (VNV Nation Mix) Das Ich
Tear You Apart [r] She Wants Revenge
Mitternacht E Nomine
Lost In Metropolis Oil 10
Omnis mundi creatura Helium Vola
Dance Dance Anatomy [DJ Pet Mashup] Djpet presents MSI vs Repo!
Tags: djpet, resurrection, setlist

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