March 2nd, 2005


Fenway to start Male HPV vaccine study

This is really good news. Most of the stuff that I have been able to see on the PubMed database showed writing off the male population and only vaccinating the female population *grrr*

EDIT: From Jake, not Stephen...

Hey kids,
As you all know, I have transitioned into a full time recruitment position
at Fenway. My first task is to recruit guys for an HPV vaccine trial. HPV,
the virus that causes genital warts (you all knew that), is the most common
sexually transmitted infection in the US, affecting over 4 million people a
year. HPV can lead to genital warts, anogenital cancer, and cervical
cancer. I'm looking for guys, 16-23, to participate. The study requires 9
visits to Fenway over 3 years, with financial compensation offered for each
completed visit. For information, or to find out if you may be eligible,
call, 617-927-6085. If you know anyone who may be eligible please send them
too. :-)