April 18th, 2005


Roast duck shumai

So I was at the Super88 and saw the roast duck and was wondering what I could make with it when I saw the dumpling wrappers...

I don't really do recipes so here are all of the steps:

debone and chop up the roast duck
mince some pickled garlic
mince some carrots

To this I added a sauce made up of:
Fish sauce, cock brand ;)
soy sauce (Tamari)
Ketchup (I didn't have any tomato paste)
Pomegranite Molassas (didn't have any tamarind paste)

Mix everything up and stuff dumpling wrappers in the shape of shumai (make sure to really press the filling so it stays in shape.
and steam for around 10 minutes.

I made a slightly thinner (added water) version of the sauce for dipping.

If I did it again I would add a small ammount of tapioca starch to the filling to keep it together better.

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