May 5th, 2005


Dresses and Web Design

Last night's dress fitting for catskillz went really well. It is a really nice red velvet form fitting dress from the clothing swap. The only thing wrong is that it was designed for someone with a barrel chest; there is no shaping at all above the waist. The dress itself was in 6 panels so I can take out the excessive fabric in the rib cage area along the seams. After pinning, all of the wrinkles are now gone *yay*

In exchange I'm gonna get some mad web programming skillz in return. We had a lovely discussion over some noodles and a lot of good ideas were brought forth.

I'm still in need of a name. Forms-of-Fashion works but unless I hyphenate it the web address would be Which looks a lot like I'm sticking forms off of some ash ;)

How does 'The Curious Coutierre' sound ( I may be misspelling the last word, any French speaking people that can give me the spelling for one who does Couture?)