October 13th, 2005


Friday Dinner

The birthday gods have spoken and Friday's shindig will be at The Enormous Room in Central Sq. starting at 7pm. For those that do not know the Enormous Room, besides being written by E.E. Cummings, is a fabulous bar with no sign other than a red elephant on the door. It is above the Central Kitchen on Mass Ave. Everyone sits on carpets and lounges and drinks fru-fru drinks. There are a few coffee tables and ottomans for those that prefer. They have a rotating DJ, a few weeks ago it was a mash-up DJ laying down 80's tracks over Middle Eastern beats as well as newer pop tracks. Axel F vs. Hallaback Girl stood out ;) Their food is a mix of Middle Eastern small plates.

New corset is done!

It seems like I've been working double shifts at my day job for a few weeks and couldn't find the time to finish up my latest commission. It has a 20" waist when fully closed. As you can see from the back pic my dress form isn't small enough :) After putting the final touches on it, here are some pics:

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