October 31st, 2005


Halloween makeup

I was inspired with a post in gothmakeuptips as to how to do the Marylin Manson solid back look. I went to the basement and rummaged around in my stash and grabbed some black iron oxide. I needed to add a carrier that would allow me to paint it on and it needed to dry fast and not smudge too much. I knew that adding water wouldn't cut it. Cyclomethicone and Isopropyl Miristate to the rescue! Cyclometicone is a volitile silcone that will evaprate quickly at body temp. This allowed be to make a paint. Isopropyl Miristate is a liquid wax that is absorbed quickly into the skin. This is what makes lipstick harden up around 30 minutes after applying. The results were pretty good. I used it around the eyes with a liner brush and did my lips as well. I top coated the lips with a clear lip gloss to make it shiny. The rest of the look was done with various shades of grey eye shadow.

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