April 16th, 2006

bite me

My cell phone is pining for the fjords!

nah, it's just resting...

I think that there is no way it's coming back alive this time. Off to ebay to find another just like it...

The only way to reach me is via email or the house phone.

[edit. Suprisingly the battery that just went through the wash brought it back to life *bwa ha ha*]
blacklight, glow

Industrial III (Don't Make Me Go See Chemlab Mix)

It's finally done! I'm really happy with this one. It all started out with that intro from the Haloblack remix of Exile on Mainline where a teen is pleading with his Mom to not make him go see Chemlab ;) There are some really good transitions on this one, I really like the one from Soilbleed to Straight to Video. The Power feeds nicely into SS Deathstar (a little starwars shoutout) This mix is marked with a lot of dubs; I was able to move some around to help with the flow as evidenced by the intro to Exile on Mainline. I needed to use the radio edit to fit on the CD but I was able to put back in the angry intro dub at the end of This is My Rifle. I still think that Industrial I is the best in this series but I think that III surpases II.

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