April 18th, 2006


ideas for a new mix CD

I was thinking of doing an entire mix of female lead vocals within the goth/industrial range. I just went through and tagged a bunch of bands that are either lead by a person of female sounding vocals or has single tracks of the same. Here are some of the bands (some are not particularly gothy but I could see using them during a softer place in the mix):

Cocteau Twins
L'ame Immortelle
Bel Canto
Imperative Reaction (only a couple of tracks)
Claire Coyant
Faith and the Muse
Love is colder than death
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Kidney theives
Anroid Lust
Rhea's Obsession
Flesh Field
Ego Likeness
Inkubus Sukkubus
Massive Attack
Die Form (some of the tracks)
Concrete Blond (Bloodletting, of course)
Miranda Sex Garden
Dead can Dance (some)

There are lots more bands like Portishead and stuff but they really fall outside the range I want to go.

Anything obvious that I missed? I want to pull from as large of a set of music as possible so that I can get the tracks to flow well. I'm disqualifiying tracks with male vocals in them as well.