April 26th, 2006


CuriousCouture Corset Photos

It's been a while since I was able to organize a photoshoot for some of the corsets I have made; ragingamazon did a fabulous job behind the camera as usual. I just finished up cropping the first set of pics for the site. This first one is for a blue velvet underbust that I designed for ayalanya It was made from fabric that she supplied as well as two layers of coutil. There was a pair of 1/2" flat steel bones under the busk as well as 1/4" flat steel bones around the grommets. The rest of the corset is boned with 5/8" spiral steels.

I designed a skirt to go with, it is made of the same fabric and lined using a poly lining. The flower/vine pattern in the blue velvet was brought into the velvet flocked organza gore in the skirt. I drafted a standard pencil skirt and made a sweeping curve from the hip down to the mid calf for the gore. I wanted the gore to flare out A-line so I drafted the peice to be twice the size as the opening. In order to make this easier I pleated a peice of brown paper and layed the folded mockup on it and traced the outline of the gore. I cut on this line and opened up the pattern peice, the top edge was basically a sawtooth. This made it easy to cut the organza and then line back up the top edge for basting prior to inserting the gore. I also designed/created the choker to complete the outfit.

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The complete set of photos can be found here. There are three pages of pics that can be accessed through the first three picture buttons on the bottom.
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