April 28th, 2006


CuriousCouture corset pics (second photoshoot)

Here is the second set of corset photos from the last shoot by ragingamazon. water_childe was a fabulous model and the pics were wonderful. This corset was actually made by me last year and we finally got around to shooting it. It is made of this plasticized speaker grill material and bound off in plastic wire-harness material. It's really thick tubular crin material and a complete pain to work in :) I couldn't get the ends to look good but all in all it gives the corset a very cyber look. The fabric had a distinct color texture change on the back side so I alternated the panels to give a striped look. 1/4" flat steels were used beside the busk and on either side of the grommets. 1/2" spirals were used on each seam. The corset was made in two layers with a ulpostory satin lining. The Ankh was stiched on via a satin stitch on a modern zig-zag machine. I didn't have time to make a matching skirt this time.

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The rest of the photoshoot can be found starting here. There are three pages of pics that can be found by clicking on the picture buttons along the bottom.
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