July 7th, 2006


Stitch -n- Bitch Announcement

So it seems like there is a ton of people wanting to do this. The first one shall be on Sunday July 16 starting at 12 noon and going until dinner time. If people want to try and do dinner as a potluck that would be spiffy but not mandatory. Post here to le me know if you are planning on bringing any food and I can try and coordinate.

I will be out of town the following Sunday (July 23) so the SnB will return on July 30th. I will post reminders to my journal a day or so in advance.

For those reading my journal who don't know how to get to my place please email me and we can setup a time (in advance) to meet in person so I can get you the directions, assuming that you are not some crazed sewing stalker *g*

So bring all of those pants you need hemmed and all of the half finished projects from years gone by and we can get to work!

If you have a serger it would be great if you brought it. I mostly only have straight stitch machines (one is a zigzag but the stitch length regulator is slightly off)
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