August 26th, 2006


New Segway released!

It looks like Segway finally got the new one released. I was one of the main contributers to the new steering mech. You can see the patent here.

They decided to go with a simple lean. I also designed and built an active force feedback version of the lean steer with active body positioning. It ended up acting a lot like active suspension since it kept the rider upright eventhough the platform was mocing side to side. It was pretty pricy so I can understand the desire not to increase the price much.

Evil Mix!

I just got the latest upgrade for MixMeister; it's called Fusion. It has a lot of really great new features. The downside is now you must make sure that all of the tracks line up correctly. It used to be that all you cared about was the starts and ends. Now that you must have the system knowing where the 1 beat is at all times. This allows you to do all sorts of interesting effects and looping with almost no overhead. MMF also allows for more than one overlay track and all overlays can be beatmatched to the main track.

This is the first mix done with the new software. A lot of industrial music has dark overtones. I sifted through and picked a bunch that were esp. evil *bwa ha ha* The titles almost tell a story of sorts. This was unintentional but never the less, pretty cool.

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