November 5th, 2006


Setlist from last night's party

Everything really came together for this set. There were quite a few stand out tracks. 'I want a Cookie' was a lot of people's favorite ;) Lords of Acid was the most requested band as evidenced by the many tracks in the playlist.

I am really happy with the two overlay/dub tracks that I put together. The Juan Maclean's 'Crush the Liberation' was brought together with this track that I found a while back. Basically someone mashed up a Martha Stewert cooking demo with a BDSM paddling class :) I call the new track Spank the Liberation! The other was Boyd Rice doing 'Assume the Position' during a lull in the Prodigy's Firestarter. I used the instrumental version to extend the lull out to get the whole monologue in.

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