December 21st, 2006


Venison Two Ways (tag team cooking with ayalanya

First was a loin of venison confit. I browned it and then covered it in olive oil, garlic cloves, onion and bay leaves. Cooked at 225degF until it hit an internal temp of 140 and left out to carry over cook. The next day the garlic and onions were cooked for an extra hour at 225 before the loin was added back in to heat through. Loin was sliced thinly and served with bread and the following pan sauce:

The pan that was used to brown the loin was deglazed in merlot and a sliced onion was added. The wine was reduced many times with mushroom demiglace until it was thick and very glossy.

Second was rack of venison (4 bones) The rack was coated in cloudberry perserves and dipped in a mixture of hard grated cheese and lots of black pepper. It was pan fried, cheese side down in the garlic oil from the confit. After browning the cheese I flipped it over added the extra remaining cheese on top and baked at 350degF until internal temp hit 145degF and took out to rest before cutting into 4 chops.

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