December 27th, 2006


more on DJ name

Well DJpet seems to be winning but I don't think that it works for my more dark/goth/industrial stuff that I spin. DJ Finsternis works great for that but doesn't work for my more sexy/fluffy/thwacky stuff that I spin at sex parties.

I'm thinking of doing both. I snagged since it was wide open and only 6.95 for the year. is tied up with a Japanese pet site and is a fetish night in London and Hollywood. is open, however.

I need to make a card for djpet as well.

Extras needed for Fashion Show at the FFF

I just got back from seeing the Paris fashion show exhibit at the MFA and
the new model look is zombie! Here is an example of Dior

I so love John Galliano!

Pretty much all of the models had big black eyes and a slightly strung out
on heroin look this year.

I want to do a zombie fashion runway set for the Fashion Show that TNG is
running. Anyone want to dress like zombies in evening dresses and feather
boas and shamble down the runway? Bonus points for dropped appeandages and screaming "BRAINS"

I don't have time to make anything but there is always the Garment District.

This is going to be a big comic act in the middle set to Michael Jackson's