June 19th, 2007

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Setlist from Burning Man Fundraiser

I did a DJ gig down in Harlem for a camp fundraiser this last weekend. It was a long downtempo/triphop/world ambient set. I tried to bring up the tempo a bit and I got some people to dance but the host wanted it brought back down. I mixed up a bunch of new stuff but a couple of times I just cued up one of my pre-mix sets since I wasn't getting paid for this one.

I got kinda tired and took a half an hour nap which explains the repeat tracks towards the end when I didn't wake up in time to cue more ;)

Track Artist
Theme From The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex Coil
graciosa moby
Walking on the beach Amok
Sleep Conjure One
Iridian Dhol Foundation
Song of Sophia Dead Can Dance
Holle Ivoux
Into Morroco Enigma & Deep Forest
Halcyon & On & On Orbital
Risingson (Underworld Mix) Massive Attack
Easy Dr Didg
Queen Of Cups Medicine Drum
The Silken Whip Afro Celt Sound System
Healing with Turmeric Dhol Foundation
Cups Underworld
Are You There Josh Wink
Believe (feat Kele Okereke) The Chemical Brothers
AWESOME 3 - Don't Go (Kicks Life A Mule Mix) Miss Kittin
Push The Limits (ATB remix) ENIGMA
Nightmare (Original Sinister Strings Mix) Brainbug
Plenty (Fade Mix) Sarah McLachlan
Lucky Star Switchblade Symphony
Underground Sneaker Pimps
Love is the Law Professor Angel Dust
Fun For Me Moloko
Honey - The Aphrodite & Mickey Finn Mix Moby
Aftermath Tricky
The Weekend Starts Here Fatboy Slim
Trans Fatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix) Lamb
Barry Gus Gus
Army Of Me (Masseymix) Bjork
Father's Field Traci Lords
Pedestal Portishead
Tuna Fish Emiliana Torrini
Orbit of Me Delerium
Deep Floresta Deep Forest
Original Bedroom Rockers Kruder & Dorfmeister
Rip Stop T.D.F.
Trigger Hippie Morcheeba
The Love Cats Tricky
Liquordelic Tipsy
All Night Long Stereo MC's
Here Lamb
I Spy Massive Attack v Mad Professor
Cold Breath '79 Gus Gus
The Dark Side Renegade
Topkapi Tranglobal Underground
Out of my system (c2h) Pet Shop Boys
Returning (featuring Kristy Thirsk) Delerium
Euphoria (Firefly) Delerium
Beats International - Echo Cha Fatboy Slim
Twist & Crawl Death in Vegas
It's coming Around Indicia
Numb Portishead
Karmacoma (Portishead Exp.) Massive Attack
You Don't Tricky
Sur Tes Pas (Corny Dream Mix) Autour de Lucie
Teenage Sensation Gus Gus
It Could Be Sweet Portishead
Rematerialised Death in Vegas
Inner City Life Goldie
Down Slow Moby
The Outsider Mono
Black Milk Massive Attack
Underground Sneaker Pimps
Sweet Surrender (Roni Size Mix v2) Sarah McLachlan
Tuna Fish Emiliana Torrini
Army Of Me Björk
If Things Were Perfect Moby
Wandering Star Portishead
Overcome Tricky
Risingson Massive Attack
Cover Me (Dillinja Mix) Bjork
Blue Mug Gus Gus
Here with Me Dido
Theme From The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex Coil
graciosa moby
Walking on the beach Amok
Consensual Worlds Delerium
Soft Mistake Lamb
Sex, Power, Money Ninn, Dino & Earl
Magic and Mayhem Afro Celt Sound System
Forest Power Deep Forest
Inception (w/ Deep Forest) Enigma

Setlist from Domina @ Club Choices 6-14-07

Downstairs Set (Opening, Playspace)

Track Artist
I Want My Innocence Back Emilie Autumn
Black Liner Run She Wants Revenge
Paranoiattack The Faint
Believe (feat Kele Okereke) The Chemical Brothers
The tides (they turn) Psychic Warriors Ov Gaia
Shining Skinned Friend Juan Maclean
mOBSCENE (Replet - Mea Culpa Mix) Marilyn Manson
It Scares Me (Mesh Locarno Mix) Mesh
Im innern einer frau (fishmix) Beborn Beton
Black Plastic Ladytron
Serpentine (Miss Kittin Mix) My My
I Love My Sex Benassi Bros.
We Have Explosive [Mantronix Plastic Formula #1] The Future Sound Of London
Tin Omen - Adrian Sherwood remix (Main Mix) Skinny Puppy
Heart-shaped tumor (Icon of coil mix) De/Vision
Love vs. Hate Gus Gus
Cowgirl Underworld
Stars [Motiv 8 Mix] Dubstar
Fear (Hybrid's Super Collider Mix) Sarah McLachlan
Shimmering, Warm & Bright * Bel Canto
Heroin...She Said Wolfsheim
Down On Me Icon Of Coil
Like A Virgin (LCD Mix) Annabella Twin of Bow Bow Bow
Marilyn, My Bitterness V2.0 * The Cruxshadows
Nurse Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Innocente (Deep Dish Gladiator Mix) Delerium
Bullet (Ellen Alien Flow Mix) Covenant
Nightmare (Original Sinister Strings Mix) Brainbug
Get Over The Wall (Remixed) De/Vision
I Want You Cabaret Voltaire

Upstairs Set (closing)

Track Artist
Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois (electro for the masses remix) Faderhead
Electro Body Music (freak edit) Sebastian Komor
E Nomine (Denn Sie Wissen Nicht Was Sie Tun) E NOMINE
Twisted Trophy Hunter [Vampire Freaks Edit] Reaper
A Forest Blank & Jones & Robert Smith
Void Malign (Dawn Of Ashes Remix) Grendel
Kathy's Song (Beborn Beton Remix) Apoptygma Berzerk
Unhallowed Ground Midnight Syndicate

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