September 7th, 2007


Domina 9-6-2007 Setlist (DJpet)

Even though we were going up against the Combichrist show we had a pretty good turnout. In honor of the show from 11pm-1am I spun nothing but Andy!

Upstairs Set – Djpet

Track Artist

Die 10 Gebote E nomine

Rock Me Amadeus (Fieberwahn Mix) Megaherz

Latex Chemlab

Not Unique Aïboforcen

Churist Churist [Recently deceased mix] :Wumpscut:

How To Make A Monster (Kitty's Purrrrformance Mix) Rob Zombie

Bitches Mindless Self Indulgence

If you wanna Ride Brooklyn Bounce

Hell: Symmetry Laibach

Rammstein Rammstein

Eating the Misery Run Level Zero

Pray For Love (Nils Schulte mix) Edge Of Dawn

Lovesong (Clubmix) Wolfsheim

Deliver Me De/Vision

Dorian Gray (Album Version) Fictional

Dr. Channard (Funker Vogt Remix) Beborn Beton

City Nights Fr/action

Stalker (Club Mix) Covenant

Bilingual Jose Nunez

Hurt Mesh

Military Fashion Show And One

The Muppets Techno KMFDM

Lover (KMFDM Cake Mix) Lords of Acid

Wasted [Naghavi-Mix] And One

Cutting (PTIncision mix) Ayria

Sweet(Burning Mix) Switchblade Symphony

Dead Stars (Dub Mix by J. Cosmo) Covenant

Andy Is Our Fcuking Hero Set – Djpet


Track Artist

Monster (Album Version) Panzer Ag

Tip The Dancer (Album Version) Panzer Ag

Get Your Body Beat (Remix By Amduscia) Combichrist

Battlefield (LP Version) Panzer Ag

This Shit Will Fcuk You Up Combichrist

When Death Embraces Me (LP Version) Panzer Ag

In the Pit CombiChrist

Straight to Video (Mix According to Combichrist) Mindless Self Indulgence

Simulated (Funker Vogt Remix) Icon Of Coil

Heart-shaped tumor (Icon of coil mix) De/Vision

Thrillcapsule (Moonitor Remix) Icon Of Coil

This is my Rifle Combichrist

Shallow Nation (2004 Version Remix By Xenomorph) Icon Of Coil

Happy Fcuking Birthday Combichrist

Without Emotions Combichrist

Twilight World (Icon Of Coil remix) Aïboforcen

What The Fcuk Combichrist

Genesis (Icon of Coil Version) VNV Nation

Floorkiller (2004 Version By Xenomorph) Icon Of Coil

100% (COMBICHRIST rawmix) Angelspit

Regret (Combichrist Remix) Icon Of Coil

Confront (Floor Killer Bastard Mix) Icon Of Coil

Filth God (LP Version) Panzer Ag

Like to Thank my Buddies Combichrist

Access And Amplify (Club mix) Icon Of Coil

F**K That S**t CombiChrist