January 15th, 2008


DJpet @ Stage One TONIGHT!

I will be spinning Industrial tonight along with the amazing DJ Shivar at Stage One, a new night at Phoenix Landing (Central Sq) The format is loose and the cover is free! 10pm-1am.

Come on out and check out the new action in town.

Stage One @ Phoenix Landing
512 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge MA
Central Sq.

Thanks for a wonderful event!

I just want to thank everyone that came out as well as helped put on the fashion show and dance. We lost track after 800 people arrived! I was told that we presold 500 wristbands for Sat and Sunday, which should say a lot about the event. Local area club goers got the chance to see the Fetish Fair Fleamarket(tm) for the first time and many were seen in attendance through out the weekend. DJ Punketta, DJpet, and VJ Proto kept the dance floor packed until we were told to break down after 1am while DJ Gabriell and DJ Decay layed down the downtempo chill for the lounge. Getting new attendees was one of our goals and I think that we succeeded!

The fashion show was very well received and I have been fielding a steady stream of compliments about the show by both people that were in it as well as the audience. There also has been some constructive criticism that will be taken into account at the next one (provided we are asked back)

The show took 6 months to plan and execute. Around 90-100 people were involved with the largest group being the 70+ models. My staff was the best that anyone could hope for and the local talent was jaw dropping. This year's show was an exercise in delegating and trusting my people to do what needed to be done, which they did admirably

All 500 program books were handed out, the extras from the event were passed out from the Fashion Show vending table so that people who didn't make it could see what they missed out on (and give them incentives to come next year)

We had three show photographers as well as a videographer so we will have pictures and video up soon. I just registered http://www.fetishfashionshow.com and soon the goodies will be posted there (I'm just waiting for the DNS to propagate and to get the material up). If you have myspace, don't forget to add us http://www.myspace.com/fetishfashionshow


"Putting a skirt on a man is not a travesty. Putting a bra on him is." ~Jean-Paul Gaultier