January 27th, 2008


New mashup uploaded to www.getdjpet.com

I needed a break from organizing photos from the fashion show so I put to together a dub mashup. I started with 'Trustafari' from Medicine Drum. They are a great band you should go out and get all of their records! I ran the track through a distorter and layed it right over the top of the really long intro of 'Tenet(s) Of On' by This Morn' Omina. Not to bad, it actually lines up pretty well. It was a little sparse so I thought of doing a dub mix and Dr. Strangelove came to mind. It's my all time favorite comedy and the sound clips are pristine since there isn't a lot of background sounds/music.

It's called P.O.E. (Purity Of Essence) and you should tell me what you think of it. You can snag a copy here (10MB) Anonymous comments are turned on so if you are reading this off of the getdjpet feed you can comment here without a LJ account.

It's currently in draft but it feels close. I may change the name to 'Doomsday Machine' since I use that clip the most.
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