March 24th, 2008


Back from DO Winter Fire!

The event went really well and it looks like I just confirmed Leather Retreat this Summer, DO Summer Camp at the end of Summer and heard rumors that Black Rose is looking to hire me as well.

I'm running on 6 hours of sleep since Friday and had around 24 hours of DJing in the main floor booth, in addition to keeping sound going in a bunch of other rooms. I had three ipod shuffles that I rotated around. Each had a hand picked "random" set of tunes from my collection. After the first night I deleted a couple of tracks that really didn't work as well as I had hoped. I also rand sound and lighting for a burlesque show on Sat night. Sunday night was "Dancing with the Pervs" in the main space. I put together a really eclectic set of blues, triphop, reggae, middle eastern, and general world beat for some dancing prior to opening up the space for the nighttime play. I am going to put a streaming copy of that set up on my sight pretty soon.

I'll post the set lists in the next couple of days. A lot of cards were passed out and everyone had a blast!