May 13th, 2008


computer downtime

The HP class action lawsuit finally went through on my laptop. I am getting a new motherboard since HP had a really crappy heatsink design. Every part that got hot was located next to each other under an insufficient heat sink that was band-aided with two massive fans.

The graphics processor basically bakes and it eventually delaminated from the heat sink. I have had to de-clock slowly down to 30Mhz to keep it cool. Considering I have a 3GHz P4 this has meant my graphics has been teh suxxors for quite some time.

What this means to all of you is that I will not have a laptop for the next 5-7 days plus shipping both ways. I cannot do a lot of my nightly web work nor create new sets for my internet radio station. I will be checking in during the day and if there are emergencies I can try and cover them as I finally got SSH unblocked on my work firewall.

As soon as my laptop is back I will post an update of the blazing fast video performance :)