June 9th, 2008


DJpet has a new night

I'm in the process of getting all of the ad materials together as well as the webpage and myspace


I should have the print cards in a week or so.

I pitched the night concept to Anderson Mar or Dark Sky Productions, and she gave me one night a month to do a DJed event starting August 21. My plan is to show a movie starting at 8pm so people can do dinner and a movie and then dancing! The Club is @ Rob Jacks, 88 Main St. Everett, right off of 99 and 16. It's a little small but it holds around 80 people. Drinks are pretty cheap, however there are lots of fu-fu drinks and top shelf-ish bottles at the bar. I'm planning on making a signature "Lush" drink for the event.

The place is open and serves real food from Noon until 1am and if you order food with the movie I'll waive your cover.

This one is going to be a more general Electronic night, think 80's dance remixes and electro-house and you can get the right idea. I'll still toss in some more darker stuff but this one is going to be more like Saturdays were at Manray.

I need to bring in all of my own sound and lighting but Rob is going to let me store everything there (I can always grab it if needed for a gig on other nights.) I will be possibly renting the stuff out on other nights there to help pay for some of it. Anders is running the door so I can concentrate on DJing.